Active Duty RX Clarity & Focus

Active Duty RX Clarity & Focus contains 17 essential herbs, vitamins and minerals. These Frequency Programmed (VFP) hemp enriched capsules are specially designed to promote a general sense of well-being. This product is fully enriched with Cannabinoids (CBD) and compliant with the U.S. Farm bill.  Carefully crafted in an FDA registered facility in the USA & third party lab tested to ensure this product is 100% THC FREE.

Active Duty RX Focus & Clarity Formula is the most advanced nootropic available on the market today. Using only the highest quality ingredients available, the quality of ADRX is unsurpassed. By utilizing a process called Frequency Programming (VFP), the individual ingredients are aligned for maximum bio-availability through greater absorption rates.



ADRX First Line is a 500mg, multi-spectrum, THC free, premium tincture that sets the standard in sublingual hemp derived products. ADRX First Line is among the top bio-available hemp products on the market today. ADRX First Line is derived from slow grown American made hemp and free from pesticides.



ADRX Elite is a full spectrum, THC free Ultra-Premium PCR tincture, enhanced with 99% pure cannabidiol {CBD} and 99% pure cannabigerol {CBG} to provide a product in a category of its own. This proprietary blend of specific carriers and raw hemp extracts ensure maximum bio-availability and delivery of these vital nutrients to the human E.C.S. {Endo Cannabinoid System}.


Active Duty RX leads the industry with premium ingredients from carefully sourced farms and labs. Crafted in a FDA registered laboratory and third party tested for quality assurance, Active Duty RX is just what the American veteran ordered.

Active Duty RX is a Veteran owned and operated company. Many of our Veterans return home with troubles adjusting to the world after the battles of war have been fought. That is when the battle on the home front begins. Helping our service Men and Women stay healthy mentally and physically with safe and natural supplements is a big part our mission. Please make sure you check on your battle buddy today.