For thousands of years humans have relied on a variety of natural solutions for wellness and mood. Over the last 100 years treating these same ailments has shifted to the use of pharmaceuticals that may have adverse side effects and are sometimes toxic for human consumption. Active Duty RX has harnessed the power of 17 of these essential herbs, vitamins, and extracts to bring a natural solution to the table. This patented formula brings clarity and focus to your day to day life and reduces the hormone Cortisol, the hormone released during times of stress and anxiety. Active Duty RX is a Veteran owned and operated company with a focus on better ways of dealing with mental wellness and cognitive function. We have personally witnessed our brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces suffer from PTSD, stress and anxiety for decades with no real relief within reach. Our approach is to use all natural supplements to achieve inner wellness and balance.

Active Duty RX is the most advanced nootropic available on the market today. Using only the highest quality ingredients available, the quality of ADRX is unsurpassed. At Active Duty RX our mission is to help keep the world moving with natural and safe ways to heal our bodies and minds.